A story in every cup…

2020 is a year that the world will never forget and a time in which so much of what we all took for granted seemed to be taken away in an instant. When we found ourselves at home so much more than we’d ever been, we started thinking about what truly mattered in life. 

Before we knew it we’d started a daily ritual where we’d sit around the kitchen table and share stories, ideas, and give each other hope. What was always by our side? A mouthwatering cup of tea or coffee that always managed to lift our spirits. 

Over time things got a little repetitive and we went in search of luxury teas and coffees from around the world. The only problem is we couldn’t find a simple way to buy premium tea and coffee online. Some online coffee shops had a few blends we hadn’t heard of, but we wanted everything in one place. 

One day we came together for our daily ritual and decided that if we wanted to really enjoy an online tea and coffee store that had it all, we’d have to build it. In that moment Blessing in a Cup was born, and we’ve never looked back.