Six Benefits of Black Tea

Tea leaves, once picked, are processed differently, black tea is fermented and oxidized versus green teas which are not fermented or oxidized.

This means each tea process releases some compounds not found in the others. All tea is from the same plant Camilla sinesis.

Black tea has a bolder, stronger, and more depth of flavor. The caffeine in black tea is higher than green tea but still less than coffee. Many black teas have added flavors like bergamot for Earl gray, fruit like coconut, or spices like cinnamon. 

Benefits of Black Tea

  1. Black tea contains two compounds, thearubigin, and theoflavin, not found in green tea; possibly released during oxidation of the leaves. These compounds may interfere with carbohydrate absorption due to a certain enzyme which may help diabetics with their diets and keep blood glucose in better regulation. It may improve blood vessel function by lowering the risk of plaque formation and decreasing inflammation.
  1. Studies have found black tea may protect lungs from damage caused by its exposure to cigarette smoking. High black tea consumption could lower the risk of certain cancers.
  2. The popular Chai teas are most often made with black teas and spices of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper. These are great blends for the circulation and warming the body. Frequently suggested as a drink after yoga classes.
  3. Theoflavin compounds have been studied to significantly reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  4. Black tea compounds may promote fat breakdown with the potential for fat loss in diet programs, but more studies are needed to confirm this.
  5. If you are not into coffee, black tea, and its caffeine helps to improve your focus and concentration. It improves alertness and cognitive functions; stimulating blood flow to the brain. This makes it a good wake up drink in the morning. 

In fact, both black and green tea are great for oral health and for your heart. They reduce plaque formation on teeth and restrict bacterial growth that could cause cavities or tooth decay. 

If you consume 3 or more cups of either tea you can reduce your risk of stroke by 21%, found in studies in a 2009 research study.

Enjoy your cup of tea whether it's black or green, all tea is very beneficial to the body.



Cindy Burrows, B.S., M.T., Herbalist and is a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant helping individuals with health programs to improve life and happiness. She is a writer, speaker and owner of several businesses.


Written by Cynthia Burrows