Signs You Are Drinking Too Much Coffee

Caffeine is a stimulant found in various foods and drinks. It is used commonly by many to wake us up, keep us awake and alert. Many popular beverages like coffee, tea and soda contain various amounts of caffeine.

Us coffee drinkers should know when we have had enough. I guess if you love it you just get carried away, not realizing the damage you may be causing to your body drinking all that caffeine.

According to the Mayo Clinic, drinking 400 mgs of caffeine, about 4 cups of brewed coffee daily, appears to be safe for most adults.


Some Signs and Symptoms of Too Much Coffee

  1. The Jitters, say you feel sort of jumpy, cranky, or nervous tics; this is due to the caffeine in coffee speeding up your central nervous system (CNS).
  2. Headaches can start up after your arteries in the brain have narrowed from too much caffeine in the coffee. You can lower this affect by drinking water between your coffees.
  3. Insomnia can be a sign after too much caffeine since it is a stimulant and an antidepressant. You may begin to realize after too much coffee you have a hard time sleeping. In general, it takes 2- 6 hours for caffeine in coffee to clear out of your system.
  4. Stomach issues like diarrhea, cramps or upset tummy usually from the increase of stomach acid from caffeic acid in coffee. If this happens you should not drink more than 3 cups daily.
  5. Depression, Stress or sadness is from central nervous system overload from too much caffeine. This can increase your blood pressure and increase stress hormones like cortisol. Stay with moderate consumption to avoid getting to this point.
  6. Heart palpitations can be a symptom of too much coffee, also felt with too much alcohol, this is not good for the heart. It could cause hypertension, speed up the nervous system making heart pump faster, which could raise risk of stroke.
  7. Fatigue is like a rebound effect versus the stimulation you normally get from caffeine. You know the saying too much of anything can then reverse its feelings.
  8. Frequent Urination, this is because caffeine is a diuretic and stimulates your bladder, so you need to frequent the bathroom.

If you really have overdone the caffeine you could have more serious symptoms; hallucinations, confusion, chest pain and convulsions or trouble breathing. Please call a doctor or dial 911 immediately.

In Summary If You Are Drinking Too Much Coffee

You want to maximize the good feelings and but prevent these bad signs form occurring. Learn your limit. For most people 3-4 cups of coffee can maximize the good feelings. Stop the bad symptoms by controlling your intake.

Remember our serving cups are usually more than 8 ounces, both in restaurants and at home, but more like 10- 12 ounces.

Maybe try drinking a low acid coffee or decaffeinated coffee later in the day to prevent these signs from building up in your system. Be sure to drink water in between your coffees, it helps dilute the caffeine.


Cindy Burrows, B.S., M.T., Herbalist and is a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant helping individuals with health programs to improve life and happiness. She is a writer, speaker and owner of several businesses.



Written by Cynthia Burrows