Five Ways to Brew Coffee at Home

Right now, most homes still have the drip method of making coffee. Or the rest of you may be in love with the Keurig K-cup coffee units. These are quicker if prepped, and on a timer, to be ready when you are going out the door. K cups are quick to pop in and you can get flavors.

Now, if you are really a connoisseur of coffee you want the best quality beans and taste in your coffee cup. Or if you just want a really good cup of coffee.

If so, here are the best methods for in-home brewing of fresh ground coffee beans.

Ok, some may say they do not have time to spend on these longer brew methods, so on those days where you need a quick cup use your K cup or your drip maker.

If you want better quality and prefer good taste even when on a timed schedule; here are the preferred methods below. 

Methods of Brewing Coffee at Home

  1. French Press is the easiest and gives you a great flavored coffee. A full immersion brew the container has a metal mesh filter to separate the grounds, use coarse ground beans, add hot water steep for 4-5 minutes and then push the plunger down to separate the coffee from the grounds.

It may be harder to avoid some grounds escaping into your cup. You can use this method for a cold brew coffee also. 

  1. Moka Pot has been around for a long time, and is a stovetop espresso maker by Bialettei, from Italy. It makes an intense and strong cup of coffee, but this is made from aluminum, in case you are avoiding the use of this metal. This is considered a percolated coffee. 
  1. Pour overs is what is called a ‘hand drip’ coffee. They are cone-shaped dripper with a paper filter, an opening in the bottom to catch your coffee drip in your cup. Place ground coffee in the filter and pour hot water over grounds in a circular method to make sure all grounds are wet evenly.

You can make one cup at a time or up to 4-5 cups if you have a larger container. This makes a great-tasting cup of coffee and the filter catches the sediment and the oils, leaving your coffee with no bitter or acid taste! 

  1. Chemex brewers are for serious coffee drinkers. It is an expense for the equipment, and the containers are breakable. This was devised in the 1940s and is similar to the pour-overs except for the difference in the filters. These paper filters are 20-30% thicker and because of that brews a smoother tasting coffee with few oils. 
  1. Aero- Press is relatively new, started in 2005, it is a 3-part plunger, press, and filters. You have a filter where your coffee grounds sit, add you hot water, and steep the coffee. Then press down on the plunger creating air pressure to push the water through the grounds and into your cup.

It leaves you with a sweet, full-body, espresso type of coffee. This unit is popular with travelers and campers since it is plastic and easy to clean and transport. 

If you are trying a better-quality coffee then choose from several of these methods to keep this special blend giving you the great flavors, smoothness, and less acid in a wonderful cup of coffee.




Cindy Burrows, B.S., M.T., Herbalist and is a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant helping individuals with health programs to improve life and happiness. She is a writer, speaker and owner of several businesses.


Written by Cynthia Burrows